Sunday, January 27, 2013

I blew it!!

I had hoped to share some excited news with you all but I don't really have any!! Sorry.  Chad came home last Saturday and as excited and happy as I was to have him home I knew what was coming.  Eating out all the time.  Sunday is my grocery shopping day and that didn't happen so we ate out all week because every time I said I was going to the store he would come up with something else for us to do. 

I am not sure if I had shared with you how much I weigh but I am going to do so now as of a week ago last Wednesday I weighed 204.4 and I am pretty sure I gained all 6 lbs back that I had lost since the 1st of the year.  I had worked out for 20 days straight and then took a rest day cause my body was just tired.  I doubled out on the 22nd and haven't worked out since but tomorrow is a new day.  I will do what I was supposed to do last week this week and try to double up a few days to get back on track.  If I am going to reach my goal weight by 4/2/13 I better get back on track. 

So other things that took place this week while Chad was home, we took RO to swim lessons, he is an Advance Level 1 and only needs one more ribbon before he moves up to Level 2.  Nothing gives me more joy then seeing him achieve new things, this week at swimming he was learning to come up for air while swimming and to keep going.  This kid loves to swim and since both grandma's have swimming pools and we have a boat this is money I wouldn't spend else where.  I believe that making sure your child can swim is important and it is good for them as well.  On Saturday RO and I went to a birthday party of one of my BFF's little girl who is turning 2 this week.  And then later that night we went to Arena Cross and he loved it, They had mini bikes (little 50's) ages 4-8 racing and he was so excited he said mom I am going to do this we need to go buy me a mini bike tomorrow.  Chad rides a dirt bike for fun at a local track and RO can't wait until he can go with dad and get to wear the gear and ride with the big boys. Slow down my child is all I can think. 

Once I figure out how to use the Cloud on my phone will be able to post pics of our not so exciting life!!

Coming this my getting back on track is going and I plan to print out all my favorite recipes and make a recipe book I think I got the idea from another blogger or pinterest and I hope to have figured out Cloud by then as well. 

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