Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weighin Wednesday

Its weigh in day for me and it SUCKED!!! I was doing so good and then I just threw it all away.  That is going to end right now how will I ever reach my goal and be happy with my body if I don't commit 100%.  So I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I only lost .5 lbs the whole month of January when I weighted two weeks ago I was down 5.5 lbs. 

so mad at myself!

Each month I make a work out calendra and use it to log my weigh in every Wednesday.  I need to make a few changes on my February calendar so be sure to check that out this weekend. 

I have been working on my recipes and it is taking a little long than I excepted.  I hope to have that completed by this weekend and I will try and post it as soon as I have it completed. 

Sunday I went and did a little shopping, I had just gotten a few new bras from Victoria's Secret for Christmas and needed something to wash them in.  I had been looking for a delicate bag (I don't wash anything by hand) so I found a bra bag at Target and I love it!! Its made by Tide and I can fit two bras at a time in there so it works great and saves me lots of time. 

On Monday I decided I would start getting rid of stuff we haven't used in years and I cleaned out three trash bags full of crap, tons of bath and body works lotion and body spray along with lots of other stuff.  While I was cleaning RO was running around acting his crazy little self.  He was watch movies changing them everything few minutes and he put in a SuperCross DVD and ending up look like this.

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